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Marina Capital Group was founded with the mission of providing sophisticated advisory transaction services to middle market companies which are increasingly challenged to achieve their full financial and strategic goals.

Marina Capital has acquired the necessary experience, knowledge, infrastructure and relationships in order to provide these services to our clients.

Our firm strives to provide a full range of high quality business transaction services to middle market companies with the expectation and knowledge that we compete with world scale competitors. However, Marina Capital will not be surpassed by those larger firms, who lack the passionate commitment we bring to our clients.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through personal relationships with our clients and by never being fee driven. Our firm is driven rather by the challenge of meeting our client’s needs and achieving a result which exceeds their expectations.

Marina Capital focuses on mergers and acquisitions, advisory services and raising private equity and debt. Our firm does not trade in or underwrite securities or provide brokerage services or investment research; we prefer to emphasize the benefits of our independence from other brokerage houses and the consequent absence of conflicts of interest in our advice and services.

Our firm believes that by carefully aligning our interests with those of our clients and zealously avoiding conflicts of interest we can maintain our integrity while we focus on maximizing shareholder value.