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At MCG we recognize the importance of providing timely, relevant information about our firm to our clients, the media and general public. This section of our site provides both current and archived case studies of select transactions.

Download 2018 case study deck:

One of the most important components of our client relationships is the trust that they have placed in us to keep their nonpublic information private. The information provided to MCG is used for the purposes of advising and guiding our clients with regard to certain advisory services and transactions. The employees of MCG do not discuss client information with anyone outside the company unless specifically authorized. Information we collect and record about our clients is kept strictly confidential. Our firm maintains security procedures and standards designed to protect nonpublic information at all times.

All of the information posted in these case studies have been cleared with our client for release or has become public information.

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Case Studies

Fruit Patch –from a family run business to $180mm in revenue

Firstrax pet company-300% growth prior to sale

Rayovac Completes Acquisition of United Industries [Firstrax]

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