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Fruit Patch –from a family run business to $180mm in revenue


Fruit Patch- A thirty year old family run business. Fruit Patch was founded in 1976 when Leo an Armenian immigrant purchased a 30-acre ranch with peach and nectarine trees and a packing shed. The company was a second and third generation run company. 

Revenues of the company grew from the first year sales of $50,000 to over $180 million. The Company has been delivering premium quality tasting fruit for thirty years to hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide and to over 10,000 retail locations throughout the United States.


Food distribution

Advisory service:

Exclusive sell side transaction

Deal Size:

$150 million [for 80% of equity]

Purchased by:

American Capital


Our firm worked with management eight months in advance preparing management for an exit event or sale.


Our firm assisted management and was involved in their strategic planning relating to; expanding category management in their top ten retailers, domestic distribution, new international distribution channels, financial growth, product line pricing structure and grower base expansion, operational efficiencies, overseas import programs for Chilean fruit and successive management.

Management exceeded all projected revenue and EBIDTA growth goals.  Our firm maximized shareholder value and exceeded their sale price expectation by seventy percent of their expected sale price.