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Firstrax pet company-300% growth prior to sale


Firstrax Pet Products- A five year old leading pet supply product company started by two former corporate executives [Coleman Camping Products, Petmate/Dosckocil] Mike Farmer and Lucas Saxe.

A team of entreuprenuers had a vision to create high quality innovative products in the pet industry. Mike and Lucas achieved their vision & dream and sold their company to a public company.


Consumer pet products

Advisory service:

Exclusive sell side transaction

Deal Size:

$25+ million

Purchased by:

UPG (United Pet Group) and United Industries, concurrently sold to Rayovac Corporation became part of “Spectrum Brands.”


Our firm worked with management sixteen months in advance preparing management for an exit event or sale.


Increase company earnings to a level that would achieve higher valuation multiples. Our firm assisted management and was involved in their strategic planning relating to; expanding distribution, financial growth, product line expansion, international sales, and overseas outsourcing.

Management exceeded all projected revenue and EBIDTA growth goals.  The Company achieved EBIDTA growth of 300%[adjusted basis] from the time of commencement of our engagement through the final pre-sale process.