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Sell Side Advisory
The decision to sell a business is one which many managers and owners make once in their lifetime.  You have one chance to get it right.  Are you selling too early? What is the value of your business?

How can you maxmize shareholder value? Should you act now to realize your investment rather than risk future uncertainty? Entrepreneurs always believe their company’s future earnings and sales will increase.

How can you sell some of your equity and cash in now,  yet hedge and participate in the company’s future growth and success.

Often the decision to sell has to be made under great pressure, with a potential purchaser in the background, and under severe time constraints. We will assist you in evaluating a plan for selling your company and develop a strategy to help achieve the results you desire from an exit event.

In assisting you to sell all or part of your business, we analyze your company and industry in detail.  To determine a range of values, we identify the major players in your industry, the range of values or value multiples, your financial projections, and other value drivers.

We create a competitive sale process based upon your objectives and then carefully manage the process from start to finish.  Our goal is to minimize disruption to the operation of your company and to maximize the value of your business and protect your biggest asset—-the interests of the shareholders.